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Release: 31/Oct/16

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BlockerImprovementXNAT-4014Extend DICOM anonymization to handle private headers and sequencesDave MaffittOpen
BlockerBugXNAT-4242Admin UI/Spawner should support validationCharlie MooreClosed
BlockerBugXNAT-4503Event Handlers' list of WorkflowStatusEvents is unmanageableRick HerrickOpen
BlockerBugXNAT-4546Fix dependencies so that all extraneous dependencies are stopped at the xnat-data-models and xnat-data-builder pluginsRick HerrickResolved
BlockerNew FeatureXNAT-4548CLONE - Resource import serviceJohn FlavinClosed
BlockerImprovementXNAT-4549Add dependency installation and download functionalityRick HerrickIn Progress
BlockerBugXNAT-4551Remove warning from Automation admin pageCharlie MooreClosed
BlockerBugXNAT-4573XNAT has issues with user sessions and redirection when logging in to uninited XNATCharlie MooreClosed
BlockerBugXNAT-4578Marking user as site admin or non-expiring fails in FirefoxCharlie MooreClosed
BlockerBugXNAT-4589Rebuilding session in prearchive fails with anonymizationCharlie MooreClosed
BlockerBugXNAT-4592Uploading XML is failing in 1.7.1Charlie MooreClosed
BlockerBugXNAT-4600Specifying singular, plural, and code attributes for XnatDataModel causes exceptionRick HerrickClosed
BlockerBugXNAT-4603Can't create resources for assessorsCharlie MooreClosed
CriticalSub-taskXNAT-1465Wire in custom error pagesSteve MooreClosed
CriticalSub-taskXNAT-1489Design new interfaceUnassignedOpen
CriticalImprovementXNAT-1551feature request: pipeline folder errorTim OlsenOpen
CriticalSub-taskXNAT-1599Log viewer with find and clean functionalityUnassignedOpen
CriticalSub-taskXNAT-1661Refactor exception handling throughout XNAT and its dependenciesUnassignedOpen
CriticalBugXNAT-3842AutoRun pipelines double launched when Non-expiring user id option enabled for receivedfileuser userRick HerrickResolved
CriticalBugXNAT-3874Turbine error displayed when scan sequence is missing Rick HerrickOpen
CriticalBugXNAT-4013Add support for standard conforming strings detection in databaseTim OlsenOpen
CriticalImprovementXNAT-4039Add login credentials to the link at the end of the upload processRick HerrickOpen
CriticalBugXNAT-4359Scheduled tasks don't shut down cleanlyRick HerrickIn Progress
CriticalBugXNAT-4372Unique key for XdatUserLogin can cause constraint violation errorsRick HerrickOpen
CriticalTaskXNAT-4386Protocols plugin testing and validationJustin ClevelandIn Progress
CriticalImprovementXNAT-4400Create or modify UI widgetsMark FloridaIn Progress
CriticalBugXNAT-4425xmodal dialogs can't use DOM elements for 'content'Mark FloridaClosed
CriticalNew FeatureXNAT-4453Add support for text input that submits comma-separated list as an arrayMark FloridaOpen
CriticalBugXNAT-4459Importing sessions throws out errors on 1.7 intradb VMUnassignedClosed
CriticalBugXNAT-4468Miscellaneous admin UI tab has no Submit buttonCharlie MooreClosed
CriticalBugXNAT-4513Series Import Filters display incorrect filtering warningRick HerrickOpen
CriticalBugXNAT-4517Datepickers need updatingMark FloridaOpen
CriticalBugXNAT-4525Session failed to autoarchive (complaining about XML)Rick HerrickOpen
CriticalNew FeatureXNAT-4533Create page for managing site-wide plugin settingsMark FloridaResolved
CriticalImprovementXNAT-4538Values for fields in Site Admin should save when pressing Enter keyMark FloridaOpen
CriticalImprovementXNAT-4541Move generated source in plugins to build folderRick HerrickClosed
CriticalBugXNAT-4553Auth providers should be configurable via properties files outside of pluginsCharlie MooreClosed
CriticalBugXNAT-4557Changing security channel from "any" to "https" breaks subject search and site-configurationRick HerrickIn Progress
CriticalBugXNAT-4564Inconsistent behavior in LDAP authCharlie MooreClosed
CriticalBugXNAT-4582Email validation in admin UI does not allow for list of emails (when needed)Charlie MooreClosed
CriticalBugXNAT-4586Enabling users as admin is no longer triggering welcome emailCharlie MooreClosed
CriticalBugXNAT-4612Cannot open user edit modal in XNAT 1.7.1Charlie MooreClosed
MajorFeatureXNAT-88Project Notification SystemRick HerrickIn Progress
MajorFeatureXNAT-562Project Relationship ModelUnassignedOpen
MajorBugXNAT-1372some dates break session archiving and produce inscrutable error messagesUnassignedOpen
MajorSub-taskXNAT-1481DICOM sessions should be anonymized upon submission to the prearchiveDave MaffittOpen
MajorSub-taskXNAT-1482DICOM sessions should be anonymized upon moving from prearchive to archiveDave MaffittOpen
MajorSub-taskXNAT-1660Standardize logging API usage throughout frameworksUnassignedOpen
MajorEpicXNAT-2106Epic for XNAT project sharing scenariosUnassignedOpen
MajorEpicXNAT-2247GUI-based XNAT administrationWill HortonClosed
MajorBugXNAT-2817Update Administer User Accounts PageMark FloridaResolved
MajorEpicXNAT-34461.7 Development RoadmapUnassignedIn Progress
MajorEpicXNAT-3518This ticket is to group all the CNDA image viewer issuesMike HodgeClosed
MajorBugXNAT-3592The session archive operation doesn't appear to be queuedRick HerrickOpen
MajorBugXNAT-3706Unnecessary NPE thrown in BaseXnatQcassessmentdataTim OlsenOpen
MajorBugXNAT-3738Refactor XNATTemplate.insertCatalog to use something more like XNATCatalogTemplate.buildResourceModifierTim OlsenOpen
MajorNew FeatureXNAT-3821Allow triggers on workflow statuses other than Complete.Rick HerrickOpen
MajorNew FeatureXNAT-3822Implement setting to disable whole automation featureRick HerrickIn Progress
MajorBugXNAT-3857Please update message in new user emailsUnassignedOpen
MajorBugXNAT-3868XFTTable getCellValue throws an ArrayOutOfBoundException when table has only one rowTim OlsenOpen
MajorBugXNAT-3870Uploading scan via compressed uploader failsUnassignedOpen
MajorBugXNAT-3879Error with upload applet on clean XNAT 1.7 buildCharlie MooreClosed
MajorBugXNAT-3880Session with 1200 series locks up browser in Review and ArchiveUnassignedOpen
MajorSub-taskXNAT-3915Define logic for adding custom commands to ribbonMark FloridaOpen
MajorSub-taskXNAT-3916Define logic for allowing role-based custom views of actions ribbonMark FloridaOpen
MajorSub-taskXNAT-3917Define logic for allowing workflow-based custom views of actions ribbonMark FloridaOpen
MajorSub-taskXNAT-3928Refactor icons.cssWill HortonClosed
MajorSub-taskXNAT-3949Port over existing DICOM support from TIPDave MaffittOpen
MajorSub-taskXNAT-3969Add system and project prefs for controlling the session write driverDave MaffittIn Progress
MajorImprovementXNAT-3978Improvements to xmodal dialogsMark FloridaClosed
MajorBugXNAT-4038Open systems should direct user to login page for secure operationsRick HerrickOpen
MajorSub-taskXNAT-4077Panel: Developer SettingsMark FloridaOpen
MajorSub-taskXNAT-4080Summary Panel: Site MonitoringMark FloridaOpen
MajorSub-taskXNAT-4081Summary Panel: Site SummaryMark FloridaOpen
MajorSub-taskXNAT-4096Access Admin Panel: UsersJustin ClevelandOpen
MajorSub-taskXNAT-4107Advanced Admin Panel: Developer SettingsJustin ClevelandOpen
MajorSub-taskXNAT-4108Advanced Admin Panel: Server ConfigurationJustin ClevelandOpen
MajorSub-taskXNAT-4117Theme Admin Panel: Add / Select ThemeJustin ClevelandOpen
MajorBugXNAT-4265What's Scan Type Mapping do?Rick HerrickOpen
MajorBugXNAT-4287Need to add JAVA_HOME to xnatstack base boxesRick HerrickOpen
MajorBugXNAT-4309Compressed Uploader project level anon script behaves differentlyDave MaffittIn Progress
MajorBugXNAT-4314XNAT gradle plugins should add generated source folders to build and clean tasksRick HerrickClosed
MajorBugXNAT-4374Newly created scripts aren't available in site event handler UI until page is reloadedCharlie MooreClosed
MajorImprovementXNAT-4398Create standardized basic data list widgetMark FloridaOpen
MajorBugXNAT-4428Apply changes from XNAT-4248 to Password Reuse RestrictionCharlie MooreClosed
MajorBugXNAT-4438xnat-image-viewer-plugin and leg MR display issuesMike HodgeOpen
MajorBugXNAT-4473Reconstructions Listing REST api does not include xsiType.Rick HerrickReopened
MajorBugXNAT-4531Initializing system from properties files leads to errors from System Path VerificationCharlie MooreClosed
MajorBugXNAT-4532Alias tokens from the AliasTokenRestlet service can't be deserializedCharlie MooreClosed
MajorBugXNAT-4544Tall xModal dialogs can't be submitted on a smallish screenCharlie MooreClosed
MajorBugXNAT-4545'OK' button is disabled after successfully uploading files to custom file uploaderMike HodgeResolved
MajorBugXNAT-4550Attempting to upload files to session assessor through the session puts files in the wrong spotRick HerrickClosed
MajorNew FeatureXNAT-4554Add admin setting for Pipeline URLCharlie MooreClosed
MajorBugXNAT-4562List of Investigators is blank in FirefoxCharlie MooreClosed
MajorBugXNAT-4577Changing user's password in the UI doesn't appear to do anything anymoreCharlie MooreClosed
MajorBugXNAT-4591Password Expiration date setting wants YYYY-MM-DD on front end and MM/DD/YYYY on backendCharlie MooreClosed
MajorBugXNAT-4593Password restrictions are too strict when creating/editing usersCharlie MooreClosed
MajorBugXNAT-4601Error when adding guest to projectUnassignedOpen
MajorBugXNAT-4605Non-admin Project owners cannt upload an MRScan XMLRick HerrickResolved
MinorFeatureXNAT-810Add a simple image viewer for showing imagesUnassignedOpen
MinorFeatureXNAT-828Allow admin to start/restart/stop DICOM SCPUnassignedClosed
MinorFeatureXNAT-835User's should be able to query against arbitrary datesUnassignedOpen
MinorInquiryXNAT-879custom variable issuesUnassignedOpen
MinorFeatureXNAT-893Ability to disable DOB insertionsRick HerrickOpen
MinorFeatureXNAT-894Better concealing of stored DOBRick HerrickOpen
MinorFeatureXNAT-895Handling for experiment dates (use delay?)Rick HerrickOpen
MinorFeatureXNAT-896Warnings concerning data sharing upon project publicizingRick HerrickOpen
MinorFeatureXNAT-914Create default template file to contain specific content.Rick HerrickOpen
MinorNew FeatureXNAT-1358Merged sessions with different Study UIDs should have a prominent message on the session report.Dave MaffittOpen
MinorNew FeatureXNAT-2840Admin screen to show users currently logged in Mark FloridaIn Progress
MinorBugXNAT-4019Subject Rename fails when attached session has an empty scanUnassignedOpen
MinorImprovementXNAT-4302Add system info panel somewhereMark FloridaOpen
MinorBugXNAT-4445Is "Monitor Sessions" relevant in 1.7?Charlie MooreClosed
MinorImprovementXNAT-4536Need a way to retrieve current theme name via REST/JSPMark FloridaResolved
MinorBugXNAT-4594User registration page is not parsing markdown for site welcome message. Charlie MooreClosed
TrivialFeatureXNAT-590Implement Strong Hash for Etag cachingUnassignedOpen
TrivialInquiryXNAT-932Investigate tuning Quartz scheduler thread countUnassignedOpen
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