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  • [XNAT-5951] - Duplicate file names cause incomplete download when attempting to include subject/project in file path
  • [XNAT-5954] - Authenticating with alias tokens and basic auth creates a new session on each request
  • [XNAT-5955] - object doesn't handle empty values well
  • [XNAT-5961] - protocol and protocolComments added to xnat.xsd late in 1.6 line never migrated to 1.7


  • [XNAT-5926] - Add modality and xsitype for each scan in an image session to the object
  • [XNAT-5947] - Newer buttons in XNAT need styling for ':active' state
  • [XNAT-5948] - Add link or breadcrumb on "Project Settings" page to navigate back to the project report page
  • [XNAT-5952] - Don't force a page reload when deleting scans

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