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Fix or remove references to project access requests (PARs) on new user emails



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      To recreate this:

      1. Go to a project within XNAT while logged in as an owner of the project.
      2. Click the "Access" tab.
      3. In the "Add/Invite User" section, enter an email address that:
        1. You have access to
        2. Does not already belong to an XNAT user on the system.
      4. Select "Owner" access level and submit.
      5. Log out of XNAT.
      6. From the login page, Click "Register" and submit the request for a new account using the email entered before.
      7. Go to the email account and click the verification link.
      8. Check the email generated by XNAT.

      This seems to apply in either the "New User Notification" or "New User Request" workflow. What happens is the email contains "The account has open project access requests for the following projects:" with no projects mentioned. The new templates contain:

      The account has open project access requests for the following projects: PROJECT_ACCESS_REQUESTS

      Presumably this was based on the previous velocity templates:

          #if($pars && $pars.size() > 0)
          <p>The account has open project access requests for the following projects:</p>
              #foreach($par in $pars)

      However, the previous $pars didn't work either. Presumably it doesn't resolve the list of PARs correctly for exactly the same reason it didn't before. On the other hand, at least the previous message didn't show up in the email. The optimal fix would be this:

      1. If there are no open PARs, the line shouldn't even be in the email.
      2. Else, properly include them in the email.

      If that proves difficult, the far easier fix would be to just remove the reference to PARs entirely from both templates.




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